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Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) became a cornerstone for fans, especially gay viewers itching for more LGBTQ visibility in primetime.

Shonda Rhimes has disavowed the term "diversity," saying instead that her mission is to "normalize" TV by populating her projects with character that reflect real life's array of different perspectives, experiences, shapes, colors, and lifestyles.

For Jessica Capshaw, that means falling in love with her (already much-loved) character all over again. Arizona Robbins first appeared in season five—before high-drama plotlines like the plane crash that took half of Seattle's doctors down with it—she was a free-spirited pediatric surgeon who rolled through the halls on her Heelys.

She was a B-12 shot of chipper energy to a sometimes angsty ensemble, and her relationship with Dr.

Katherine Heigl: After starring in a music video for singer Josh Kelley, the two hit it off - and got engaged late last year. Knight: In one of the most-talked about entertainment stories of the year, Knight admitted he is gay.

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